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Transportation Map

Recreation Area Transportation Information

Recreation Area Transportation Information

Recreation Area Transportation Information

Time: 8:00 am to 8:30 pm daily. During the operational hours,
call 05-2679811 (or just dial 4 when inside Alishan House)
to arrange for free shuttle bus service.
Stops: Alishan House, Visitor Centre, Large Vehicle Parking Lot, Alishan Train Station

Transportation Information

1. Bus from Chiayi HSR Station or Chiayi Train Station a.From Chiayi HSR Station, take BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) near Exit 2 to Chiayi Rear Train Station. BRT runs every 20 minutes from 06:00 to 23:40 and the ticket price is NT$40.
b.The BRT stop for Chiayi Rear Train Station is located at Bo-Ai Rd near Chung-Shing Rd intersection, after getting off the BRT, go across Bo-Ai Rd then take Chung-Shing Rd towards the train station.
When approaching the train station, turn right and take the overpass across the railway instead of entering the station. c.The Chiayi County Bus Station will be right in front ahead after getting off the overpass. For those arriving by Taiwan Railway trains, the Bus Station is visible in the front-right direction when exiting Chiayi Train Station. Board Bus #38 to Alishan which runs daily at 6:10, 8:10, 10:10, 12:10 and 14:10 and the ticket price is NT$204
d.After arriving at Alishan Bus Station, please board our free shuttle bus in front of the Visitor Centre which is across the park lot from the bus station Call us (05-2679811 or ask the friendly staff at Visitor Centre to help make the call) to request for free shuttle bus pick-up if the bus has departed. Our shuttle bus runs daily from 7:00AM to 8:30PM.

2. Service Stop announced on Aug.of 2010 Kuo-Kuang Motor Transportation Taipei to Alishan: Every Friday, Saturday nights at 22:15 (Nov-Feb) or 21:15 (Mar-Oct). Alishan to Taipei: Every Saturday and Sunday at 12:30PM. Total trip time is approx. 6 hours and 10 minutes. Please contact Kuo-Kuang Motor Company for more information: 0800-010-138.

3. Driving on your own Driving by #1 Freeway: Exit at Chiayi Interchange, get on County Highway #169, turn to Provincial Highway #18 Alishan Highway. Alishan National Scenic Area is located at 88.5km of Highway #18.
Driving by #3 Freeway: Exit at Jhongpu Interchange, turn directly onto Provincial Highway #18.
Total driving time is approximately 2 hours.
Private vehicles are prohibited inside the park. Please park the car in the parking lot next to the front door toll station. Call us at 05-2679811 to arrange for free shuttle bus pick-up service in front of the Visitor Centre.

Taking Taiwan High Speed Railz: Get off at chiayi Station, you will find a direct but to Alishan at Exit 2. For more details please visit website 

Taking Taiwan Railway: Get off at Chiayi Station and take Bus to Alishan at the Chiayi Bus Station.

4. Alishan Forest Railway:service stop from Aug.of 2009. Please take the bus to Alishan recreation area instead. There's still 2 branch of forest railway only serving in the Alishan recreation area Which are Chushan railway and Giant Tree railway .